Identifying the right things to do well for individuals

Effective performance appraisal needs to focus on the right things i.e. the behaviours and competencies that an individual should have to excel at their job.

It also needs to give a rounded view of whether those right things are done well. Feedback needs to be honest and not just come from the boss, but also from peers, direct reports, clients and managers.

Everymind’s 360-degree appraisal service ensures these criteria are met. It combines a cleverly designed appraisal questionnaire with an easy to use web tool which captures feedback on your performance from people who really know something about you and your work.

You complete your own self-assessment which is compared against anonymous feedback from your colleagues. This approach can give real insight into how different groups see you as a person.

The result is an accurate picture of what you’re doing well and where you need to develop.

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